[1996/07/30] Happy 18th Birthday Kotaki Nozomu



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[Translation, Fuma interview]

What is a strength that Sexy Zone has?
In a good way, the way in which we don’t know anything. I think that is our best weapon. We have a lot of possibilities, and we can be anything we want. Matsushima and Marius are treated as “the younger two,” but they are also thinking a lot for the band. I think especially Matsushima in the future will become a key person of Sexy Zone. Marius has gotten a grasp of his character and is starting to find his place in the world but, to be honest, Matsushima is not there at all. When he develops and discovers and grasps his charm point, that’s when I think Sexy Zone will explode with popularity. ….Maybe I am giving him too much credit (laugh). Sexy Zone has infinite possibilities. I think that is our best strong point.


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